The Process Part 1

Source: The Process Part 1


November Wind


The birds are silent, nestled wherever they go when the sun goes down. The sky outside my window is dark yet here in my kitchen I sit nestled myself, in a pool of warm lamp light sipping coffee and slowly slipping into the coming dawn. Life is good today, at least here on the farm it is. Later this morning I will struggle as I journey out side the harbor of my little life to encounter the harsh realities of the open world, a world that wreaks havoc and turmoil . I take with me the quiet of the morning, the peace of the dawn, the first note, of the first song sang by the first bird ¬†and the love of my savior.Praying I can make one tiny corner of this world a bit better for having been there. Oh, and the light…I am taking the light with me too.