I ‘ve began keeping up with one of the most heart-breakingly beautiful blogs to be found.  Beautiful for the vast amount of love found in the posts and heart-breaking for the same amount of sorrow felt there-in.

It is written by a gentleman who is losing his most precious treasure to cancer. He’s chronicling  the journey of his wife’s last days with a grace and raw reality, that is  held together by a trust in God’s ultimate goodness… despite. the. circumstances. that loudly proclaim the contrary.

And  though  at some deep level, in the past, I have known it, believed it and even practiced it. It is a truth today that I have forgotten how to live in the present moment. I have fallen away from the salvation to be found in finding the joy of the moment. I have forgotten that the present moment may be all we have and only in being totally immersed in the present can we even begin to birthe a future hope that there is more to come. Spring does follow winter, fhe ground does thaw and bulbs are resurrected in the glory of profuse petals and flowery fragrance and we know that the end is really just the beginning…

And so today, the coldest day of this North Carolina Winter I begin again a present process that is brings healing in the here now and faith in the future days ahead. I am planting my first batch of 2016 seeds.

This year, I began with eggs. Eggs in honor of the bravery I am reading lived out in the blog I’m reading. You see, she is so very fragile, yet she is planting her seeds lying in her bed in the fragile eggs shells knowing that she will most-likely never see the harvest, probably not even be there to see them transplanted into the ground but her family will… How I admire her strength, her faith, her selflessness…as I plant, I pray for her. I pray for a BIG  miracle, that God would in one fell swoop eradicate the cancer from her body and totally heal her and I back up that big miracle with a LITTLE one…that she would live long enough to go back home to her farm and see the seedlings safely in the garden ground and then really go home with a smile on her face…

I didnt want to waste the eggs just so I could get the shells, so I decided to try to hard boil/ poach them with out the shells. It semi-worked and so I chopped the result and bagged it up to use as salad topping this week.

I used Miracle Grow as my planting medium. How appropriate!img_20160211_105508446.jpg

Used a spoon to gently fill the egg shells with the planting mixture

Then I used tweezers and put one tomato seed in each shell


I didn’t put my egg shell planters back into the egg crate as most folks do, but instead I used a plastic ice cream bucket to construct a mini green house. I cut the center out of the top of the ice cream cover and then I cut and hot glued a piece of clear plastic in its place. ( I used a piece of over head projector transparency)

I labeled the box with the seed type, the days to germination and the days to harvest.


Set them in a warm place and wait…for a MIRACLE.


IMG_20150703_183922                   Once upon a time there was a tiny tattered garden shed .Right after being born, it served several seasons as a boy’s hideout retreat but… boys become men and forts become sheds and each fulfill their new roles with a dignity that rises to the current occasion. Though as time passes men are more sturdy and stand strong while a hideaway fort, turned garden shed begins to slump and slumber, leaning and reaching toward the ground to rest. And in so doing becomes a danger to the new little boys  also known as grandsons… for whom there will be a new fort, in a new place, with new adventures.                                                                                                                                                                             IMG_20150912_184351

So on a cloud covered rainy day, the well- seasoned  shed went to its rest in a burning blaze glory.                                           IMG_20151106_100539 Only to remain as a pile of dank, dark wet ashes…a perfect place to…resurrect into …


a field of beauty.

 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. Isaiah 61:3 (KJV)


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